About Fortune
Fortune Technology Corporation Limited (formerly Fortune Gaming Corporation) is a New Zealand owned and operated company recognised as an industry leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing of technology products, specifically specialising in gaming systems, electronic monitoring and data capture systems.

Fortune has its origins in the gaming industry and was founded in 1987 before gaming was even licensed in New Zealand. During this time Fortune has been instrumental in pioneering numerous gaming industry firsts in regard to products and services that have been introduced into New Zealand. These include; the first company to get poker machines approved; the first company to have a jackpot system approved; the first company to have a touch-screen multi-game gaming machine approved; the first company to be awarded a major brewery supply contract for machines; the first company to introduce "feature games" onto gaming machines; and countless others.

Initially based in Hamilton, Fortune served as industry leader in the supply of gaming machines to pubs and clubs with a considerable share of the local gaming market. In 1994 Fortune sold all of its gaming machine manufacturing and servicing business to IGT. This allowed Fortune to better focus on developing systems products which were, at that time, newly emerging and highly sought after in the New Zealand gaming market. More recently Fortune has also become a licensed systems supplier to casinos both domestically and in key markets internationally.

In 1998 Fortune relocated to Mt. Maunganui and now operates from an architectural award winning custom designed building that serves as the head office and chief research, development and manufacturing facility for the company. Fortune also operates a software engineering and development department in Auckland. As well as these offices Fortune employs a comprehensive network of sales and service technicians throughout the country.

In December 2012 the company changed its name to Fortune Technology Corporation Ltd to more accurately reflect our broader focus into new markets and revolutionary technology systems. For more information please contact us.