Fortune Administrator
Fortune Administrator is a revolutionary new product that allows gaming trusts to have an instantaneous overview of their entire gaming operation in real time!

Located at head office level, Administrator shows the exact status of your entire gaming operation; every venue, every machine at all times!

How it Works

Fortune Administrator operates at head office level and works in conjunction with the venue Smart Operator gaming management system to consolidate all the data from every machine in every venue into a single graphical display that can be read in an instant!

Imagine knowing the exact status condition of every EGM in every venue every moment of every day! No more assuming that your operation is running at 100% capacity - Administrator gives you a complete snapshot in real time. If a machine goes down you will know immediately.

All from two television monitors wall mounted in your head office. Once more Administrator's audio alerts mean you don't even need to look up!

Not only that but Administrator gives turnover and performance data for each venue in real time. KNOW for a fact your organisation is operating at full potential with Administrator!


Get Administrator and know the exact status of your gaming operation; Every venue, every minute of every day!
  • Any EGM faults immediately registered in real time.
  • Know exactly when a machine faulted and total downtime.
  • Total real time turnover and performance of every venue.
  • Have complete control and total assurance your gaming operation is functioning at 100% capacity.
  • Audio alerts whenever an EGM faults means you don't even need to look!
  • A second screen will show you the exact fault condition with time lapsed thus ensuring minimal downtime.