EziBalance Executive
In today's fast moving commercial environment there is only one rule in the game; "If you are not ahead of your competitors you must be behind them."

The Information Technology age is here to stay. Successful, competitive modern managers must have high quality accurate, current information delivered quickly. Information empowers managers, facilitating proactive decision making, and delivering competitive advantages. This applies to all industries including gaming. Fortune has the product to give you that edge. It's called Ezi Balance™ and it will deliver vast quantities of high quality data quickly and reliably.

Ezi Balance is an additional software option designed for back office management and regulatory compliance purposes. Ezi Balance collects source data produced by the gaming machines and instantly converts it into fully detailed compliance, operational and management reports as required. These reports are not required by gaming floor staff but are designed specifically for venue management and in particular perform reporting and graphing required for the Board of Directors and Senior Management.

This information will save hours of time on site administration and machine balancing by producing concise, accurate records and allows operators to better manage their gaming facility.

Remote Access

The Teamviewer 6 installation program can be downloaded here.