EziMonitor Executive
Ezi-Monitor is a Society management tool that allows trusts to view all of their venues' Ezi-Balance Executive reports. Trusts can also run graphical reports over one or all of their venues.

From head office society staff can accurately view the day to day running of every venue, in fact Ezi-Monitor is so advanced it will even drill right down to the point of how long a single refill takes to do.

Ezi-Monitor also allows Trusts to view and print all of the Smart Operator reports. And because it is 100% Database Driven it is incredibly FAST.

All reports generated and opened within the Ezi-Monitor Executive Software window (right).

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What is Ezi-Monitor Executive?
Ezi-Monitor Executive is a Society management tool and brings together all of your gaming venues into one easy to use software package. Ezi-Monitor Executive will produce all of the DIA Stipulated reports and will also reproduce statistical reports and graphs for each gaming site. Ezi-Monitor Executive is updated daily by a secure Virtual Private Network.

Who will benefit from Ezi-Monitor Executive?
Society Auditor will benefit by having all of your Venues information in one easy to use Software Package. Department of Internal Affairs by you having all of the information for a site at your finger tips. Area Managers and Society Representatives due to having up to date Site Equipment lists and Feasibility reports for each site. Whole Society will benefit from the Fortune Helpdesk which can help with any problems or queries. Society Venues because the Profit and Banking can be verified on a daily basis quickly.

What type of reports will Ezi-Monitor Executive create?
Operational Reports and Records
Site Management Reports
All DIA Compliance Reports
Feasibility Report
Venue Graphs
Venue Equipment List

Why will you benefit from using Ezi-Monitor Executive?
Ezi-Monitor Executive gives you instant access to your venues reports and banking figures. With Ezi-Monitor Executive there is no need to input any of the venues data. All reports and graphs are generated from the venues Ezi-Balance Executive data. New and Customized reports can be created with the Ezi-Monitor Executive Society Management system.