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Rapid Jackpot
I would like to introduce the RAPID Jackpot Downloadable Jackpot System.

The RAPID Jackpot system has been developed due to requests from many Customers for a Jackpot system with lower prize levels.

The concept behind the RAPID Jackpot system is to deliver more entertainment to players in the gaming room by generating more prizes to be won.

The Rapid Jackpot System is a two level Jackpot system and both levels have lower Reset and Strike values than other Jackpot systems.

These lower dollar levels will create more Jackpot activity with more prizes going off more often rewarding your players. The Main Jackpot Prize is still a celebration prize value that is enough to entice the players to play and the smaller prizes provide entertainment, value for money and free plays but are not of sufficient value that players will collect them and walk away.

Please if you have any questions then do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.

- Brenden Taylor

Press Release Dated 01/05/14
Fortune Technology Corporation Ltd are very pleased to be able to announce that they have signed a long term contract with The Lion Foundation for the supply of all Fortune Digital Management Solution products to the Foundation and their venues.

The Lion Foundation has up until now been using the Aristocrat Analyst product as their management product.

As at 1st April 2014 all Lion Foundation venues will be progressively switched over to use the Fortune EziBalance Executive management product in conjunction with the Fortune Smart Operator system.

In addition to the venue based products of EziBalance Executive and Smart Operator systems the Lion Foundation have also contracted to operate the Fortune Administrator system product for real time venue event monitoring across their entire gaming operation and the Ezi Monitor Executive product for their head office reporting, analysis and performance correlation nationally.

For the past few years Fortune has been promoting the concept of 'software standardisation and product compatibility' to our clients. The adoption of this model, where all products throughout the gaming operation are compatible and can communicate with each other using a standardised software base, delivers enormous efficiency benefits to national multi-venue Class 4 gaming operators. The Lion Foundation have recognised this by adopting this model for their future operations.

"The addition of the large number of Lion Foundation venues onto our systems is very pleasing and a significant event for Fortune and our clients. The additional 2000+ machines onto our EziBalance user base delivers the increase in critical mass necessary for management products and generates higher revenue streams from software licensing fees enabling Fortune to further develop our suite of management products to the benefit of all of our client users in the future" said Mr Jurgen Delaere Electronic Data Manager at Fortune

The Lion Foundation now joins Fortunes other National operators including NZCT, Infinity Foundation, Four Winds Foundation, NZ Racing Board, Youthtown Trust, plus 17 other regional Trust clients and numerous club clients all of whom utilise Fortunes Digital Management Solution products.