Smart Operator

Smart Operator makes your day to day gaming room operation easy, and will save you time and money!

A venue operator's dream would be a product that could increase the commercial productivity of their bar staff by decreasing the amount of time they spend managing all of the various day to day requirements of the gaming room!

From a single touch screen panel behind the bar Smart Operator is the product that will deliver this in real time!

Venue staff will be advised of refills, cancelled credits, and the entire status of the gaming operations while the gaming machine service company and gaming Trust can be immediately and automatically notified of any gaming machine faults.

Smart Operator is a powerful new management product from Fortune that will automate and fully optimise your gaming operation no matter what area of the gaming industry you are based. Smart Operator provides Venues, Gaming Trusts and/or Service Companies with live real time QCOM data and maximises the efficiency of their business.

Minimise machine downtime, Increase revenues, Streamline operations, Improve security; all from a single touch screen panel!


TRUST/SOCIETIES: Smart Operator WILL increase revenue by significantly reducing individual gaming machine downtime

GAMING VENUES: Smart Operator WILL decrease staff time for refills, cancelled credits & other fault conditions, it WILL also increase float security protecting venue operator's cash and enhance venue compliance.

SERVICE PROVIDERS: Smart Operator WILL identify all faults & can instantly advise service techs of the exact fault condition via email.

Features and Functionality of Smart Operator with Optional Modules

Real Time Hopper Monitoring: Smart Operator will Display the current hopper levels in real time.

Service Agent Management (SAM) Module: NOW INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE!!! Smart Operator can immediately identify and notify operators and/or their service company of machine faults.

Key Registry Module: Smart Operator's Key Registry Module not only ensures venue compliance but increases security by requiring staff to digitally "sign out" the keys whenever required using onscreen technology. Smart Operator logs the exact time and reason.

Staff Change & Float Management Module: Smart Operator provides solutions for venue managers by keeping a running balance total of the float and enables shift managers to reconcile the values at any time.

Management Module: This module will allow you to view historic data in such a way that trends and analysis can be done at the click of a button, ensuring you know which gaming machines are performing best, or not performing at all; vital information for guaranteeing the performance of your gaming operation! Cash Drawer Module: Smart Operator allows venues to secure their gaming float with either 1 or 2 cash drawers.

Dual Cash Drawer Module: With the clever dual drawer option you can split the till float so only the correct cash drawer will open for cancelled credits or refills. This system has greatly reduced errors made by the venue staff.

Swipe Card or RFID Module: Smart Operator has the facility for the addition of a swipe card or RFID module. The ‘learn mode' means venue staff can easily log in and out of the system using any cards desired or the RFID tag supplied. This gives the venue greater security and tracks each staff member's actions.

Printer Module: Smart Operator can print hopper refill and cancelled credit dockets, it will automatically inserts the before and after meter readings for each transaction and it has a place for the staff and/or players signatures. This is all done from a click of a button meaning a huge time saving for the venue staff.

Automated Back Up Module: Smart Operator can backup the venues information to remote off-site servers to ensure data integrity.

Remote Helpdesk Support: Fortune's reliable helpdesk staff provides great customer service you can always depend on offering remote and/or telephone support at every level

Online Training Website: Fortune offers full online training showing exactly how all of the Smart Operator unique features work. Go to our user friendly website at