Super Strike Jackpot

Super Strike Prize Parameters

$400 - $500

Super Strike+ Prize Parameters

$600 - $800
Fortune is now happy to inform you that our high prize value jackpot system, aptly named "Super Strike" and "Super Strike +" have been released on the Excite Downloadable platform.

These exciting Single Level Jackpot systems have two different prize strike parameters; Super Strike $400-$500 or Super Strike+$600-$800 with RTPs between 3.00% - 4.00%.

Everyone knows that "Winners are Grinners" and Super Strike literally doubles the number of prize winners meaning twice as many happy customers!

Super Strike and Super Strike+ have already been distributed to a large number of venues and many of these sites have experienced considerable profit increases. Trusts, venues and the players alike are thrilled with the results; Paying out jackpot prizes of up too twice as many players is definitely a sure fire winner!

Players do vote with their feet and better and more entertaining systems increase venue traffic with increased player numbers. The "one size fits all" mentality for jackpot operations has started to change so jump onto the wave that is Super Strike and Super Strike+.

The great news is that it's both simple and inexpensive to upgrade and any Fortune Downloadable Jackpot System can easily be converted! Simply contact us for a quote!
Dynamic Single Screen Display
The standard production models of the new Single Screen Dynamic Series Display are available in monitor sizes of 23", 32" or 46" however larger display monitors are available as custom made units.
Dimensions:       23 Inch: 650w x 445h x 220d       32 Inch: 865w x 600h x 230d       46 Inch: 1150w x 735h x 270d
These display models incorporate a totally new design concept which is visually minimalistic and discrete but at the same time is also very attractive, effective and eye catching.

The new Dynamic Series Displays incorporate the very best quality HD LCD A1 commercial panels which are further visually enhanced with the addition of the latest 'chasing LED' technology which is extremely active and attractive with a morphing multi coloured LED framed surround.
Jackpot Controller: Excite with HD Multimedia Controller
The HD Multimedia Display Controller operates with the current Fortune Excite Jackpot Controller and can be connected to any existing Fortune Slave Display or a retrofitted Fortune Display or any kind of Monitor/TV you may already have.

Fortune has also just released the new HD display compilation software for the HD Multimedia Display Controller. The intention of the new display software package is to present the players with a HUGE variety of very active and attractive, high quality, HD animated movie clips that are randomly displayed onto the Jackpot system monitor/s. The objective here is to have comprehensive and different new material displayed onto the Jackpot monitor/s at all times keeping them refreshed, interesting and stimulating for the players in your gaming room.

The new Dynamic Series Jackpot system is inclusive of the Fortune electronic Jackpot reporting software package. This software package automatically generates all of the daily, weekly and monthly Jackpot reports required for performance and DIA compliance purposes. This reporting software package is identical to the existing Fortune hand pay Jackpot systems so no new management/operational training will be required for venue personnel.

HD MultiMedia Controller: The HD Multi Media Display Controller can operate on a Single Screen Dynamic Series display or any kind of Monitor/TV, it can also be connected to multiple displays or Monitors/TV's.